Digital Detox


For lots of people, a world without phones and social media is unimaginable – for others it used to be normal! More of the younger generations are beginning to see the benefits and hop on the Digital Detox trend in order to get back to real life.

So what exactly do we gain from it? And are there any downsides to taking care of our mental health and clicking pause on our online personas?


Essentially, a Digital Detox means removing yourself from all personal social media accounts temporarily in order to spend less time on your electronic devices overall. This means no Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat or TikTok and even YouTube, Netflix and so on for those who want to take it to the next level.

Going on vacation? Try detoxing your entire stay to really enjoy every moment. Exams or work deadlines coming up? Use the Digital Detox as a way to avoid additional stimulation and stress. You get the idea…


Dance like nobodies watching – literally.

Finally! You’re free to do, wear, say whatever you want without your hundreds of followers forming opinions around them.

 Your more fun to be around

Never again shall your meals get cold while out with friends for dinner, creating the perfect #foodporn post. No, but really – when we aren’t worried about the online world, we have more space to enjoy the real one.

More YOU-Time

Ever spent 4 hours straight watching TikTok? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Use this time to rekindle your love for knitting, jogging or whatever else you’re into!

F**CK the haters

This is for my anxious girlies. You don’t have to overthink about captions, face tune, filters ever again if you don’t want to. Just enjoy the art of living in the now.


Your out of the Loop

Did your insta-crush break up with their partner? Is your follower count still the same? Are your friends at a party they didn’t tell you about? These are things you are going to need to let go of, if you’re on a Digital Detox. Loose the FOMO and live your offline life! Knock on your neighbourhood pub and make new friends, How I met your mother style.

It’s hard not sharing the good times

We all want to shout good news off the rooftops, but sometimes it’s best to be the mysterious girl who doesn’t share everything that’s going on.

 Going back online

The hard part isn’t downloading all the apps and running out of storage space… It’s making sure you don’t lose yourself in it again. Be reminded of the good things you learned during your time-out and try to form a healthier habit with your social media.


So now that we’ve listed the Pros and Cons, the only thing left to do is decide. Some may not struggle with balancing electronics and their personal life. But for those who find it overwhelming and need to reassess their boundaries – a Digital Detox is the perfect way to gain new perspective.

Have you ever tried a Digital Detox? Let us know in the comments.

– Talia Jenny