5 healthy foods that women should eat (and love!)

How many times in our life have we heard about healthy eating? A thousand times,
yes. But what does it truly mean to eat healthy? Let’s find out together!
According to the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021, a healthy diet is one
that can safeguard your health, and prevent disease by providing nutrients to
maintain you in good health: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, water, and
minerals. A healthy diet avoids the introduction of health-harming substances and
should be sustainable for the planet.
Well, nowadays it seems to be an impossible mission to keep a healthy lifestyle,
especially for us women – and more than ever during Easter time. We do a thousand
things a day, and when are we supposed to have time to get fresh ingredients? Don't
worry, eat curry (someone would say). Jokes apart, there are 5 superfoods that every
woman should include in her diet in order to keep a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready
to discover them?


Fish with high omega-3 content (like wild salmon, mackerel, and herring) are
extremely important for our cardiovascular system. Those foods are rich in anti-
inflammatory fatty acids that can decrease heart disease by more than 33%.
Take a piece of salmon and sprinkle it with garlic, lemon, and a pinch of salt (add
other herbs like thyme and rosemary to make it tastier). Bake the salmon in the oven
for 15-18 min.


A typical spice of the Middle East and South-East Asia, turmeric has a bright orange
color and an aromatic fragrance. This ancient spice contains curcumin, an natural
antioxidant polyphenol with high anti-inflammatory properties. And there is more:
according to a study in Molecular Oncology, eating turmeric is a good habit to
prevent cancer disease.
Boost your breakfast every morning by putting a pinch of turmeric on top of your
yogurt. Spice up your pasta, rice, or quinoa and trust us, it makes your grilled
vegetables very yummy too!


Popeye was right about spinach, but he forgot about kale and broccoli! All these
green ingredients are rich in Vitamin K, a potent bone builder, Vitamin C, and iron.
Did you know that the University of Toronto found that postmenopausal women, who had diets rich in Vitamin K for 2 years, had a 50% reduction in fractures and a 75%
reduction in cancer incidence? Keep it in mind!
Try a tasty smoothie with kale, raw broccoli, spinach, ginger, strawberries and
almond milk (or any other non-dairy milk you like). You will feel full of energy!


Two of the most potent age-defying and antioxidant foods are blueberry and
pomegranate. Theformer is rich in anthocyanins – antioxidants that are responsible
to decrease free radicals. Additionally, Blueberries can help to maintain mental
sharpness and they are a trustworth ally for your smooth and wrinkle-free skin.
Pomegranate has been linked to fertility and health for centuries, but only recently
some experts claimed the ability of pomegranate seeds to prevent breast cancer.
Make your lunch full of color by putting blueberries and pomegranate seeds on top
of your favorite salad. Although, on yogurt or porridge they are really yummy too!


This cute heart-shaped nut, rich in Calcium and Vitamin E, is an essential food to
reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. Well known for their properties are also the
Brazil Nuts and Walnuts, which are rich in Selenium, a mineral, and regulates the
thyroid function. Indeed, some studies have shown that a Brazil Nut per day can help
to reduce anti-thyroid antibodies. It’s time to change the saying: “An apple a day
keeps the doctor away!” isn’t it?
A crispy idea to eat almonds, nuts and walnuts is toasting them in the oven for a
couple of minutes. If you prefer, sprinkle on top a spoon of honey. Sweet but healthy!

As we all know, a healthy lifestyle also means practicing sport. But if you have a tight
schedule, try to save at least 40 minutes a day only for you: walking is actually a
really good exercise to increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce
excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. Did you know that?
If you found this article interesting, let us know – we can talk about it together.
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