New Year, New SuperWoman

Believe it or not, 2022 is already coming to a close and what we hoped to be a calmer year compared to its predecessor, became quite the opposite. Personally, I felt like my resolution list for this year was more ambitious than usual because of the excess time I had to contemplate during covid. And somehow, I’ve become prone to setting unrealistic expectations for my post-covid self.
However, after hitting a low point, I am once again reminded of the importance of being kind to myself. I’d like to enter 2023 with a healthier relationship towards myself. Hopefully, through sharing my short list, others will feel compelled to open up and perhaps even relate. Let’s support each other on our path to becoming a SuperWoman.

1. Setting fair expectations for myself

I’ve spent the entire year stressing about building a strong CV, making the most of my opportunities, and trying to become the “perfect candidate” for my dream job. Doing so, I ended up with three part-time jobs, a demanding sport and studying full time (apart from the other whirlwinds of being in your 20s).
In the middle of all this madness, I had no other solution than to neglect my own needs and overtime, I became drained completely. All of my tasks were done with only 50% of my energy, and even my hobbies were no longer fulfilling to me.
During a session of self-reflection, I realized that this constant anxiety and running around was doing nothing… for anyone! I had to slow down and minimize my responsibilities in order to restore my energy, capacity to help and room to grow.
My goal is now to only do what I have the capacity for. To take on tasks that I am 100 % sure I am able to take on without wasting the energy reserved for my personal time.

2. Rekindling the relationship I have with myself

Yes, this kind of goes hand in hand with my first point, but the result of my 2022 behaviour was total neglect for my needs, talents and emotions. I’d like to actively put time aside to get to know myself and become my own rock.
It always seems like people around me know what they are good at, are fine with being alone and know their needs so well – while I don’t. And although everyone struggles in their own silent battles, it’s true that I have never actually taken the time to get to know myself all that much. In the year 2023, I want to test new boundaries, explore and heal my traumas, love more bravely and let go of long harvested anger.
It seems like a broad task — but I’m sure my heart knows what I’m talking about.
Do you?

Talia Jenny