5 healthy habits for remote workers

Remote work has been an absolute game-changer for many of us. 

But keeping motivated while working remotely and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can sometimes be challenging. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a remote work newbie, these 5 healthy habits will give you some pointers about how to stay on track with your remote job. 

1. Creating your ideal workspace

Whether you have a dedicated office at home, enjoy working from your lounge, or prefer going to a coworking space: A nice and practical work environment will help you feel productive and focused. Be sure to set up your workstation ergonomically with your desk and chair in the optimal position. Your screen should be about an arm’s length away from your eyes. If you work with a laptop, avoid putting it flat on your desk and use a moveable laptop stand instead to have your screen on eye level. Remember: A healthy posture goes a long way!

2. Setting healthy boundaries

As with all things in life, healthy boundaries are important to help you stay on track with things. Setting boundaries will help you to establish clear expectations for everyone you interact with: yourself, your colleagues, and the people you may be sharing a space with, such as your partner or family. This way, everybody knows when you’ll be available – and when you’re not. Go offline for your lunch break to give your eyes some time away from the screen. This way, you have a clear break between work time and free time.

3. Taking regular breaks

Your body needs regular breaks during your workday to recharge and stay productive. Set a timer on your phone or computer to remind you to take a break every 60 or 90 minutes. Get up from your desk to take a short walk outside to clear your head or give your body a quick stretch on the Yoga mat. Read a few pages in a book or prepare yourself a healthy snack. Returning to your computer with a fresh mind can work wonders for your productivity.

4. Preventing procrastination

We’ve all made the unpleasant acquaintance with remote work’s biggest enemy: Procrastination! Whilst the mind wanders off, the fingers already start scrolling through Instagram, and before you know it, you’ve lost precious time to a mindless activity. Instead, break up the monotony of your workday by alternating between tasks that require more concentration and tasks that are less demanding on the brain. Set app blockers on your phone if the temptation is too big to start scrolling during work hours. And if your mind still wanders off, it’s probably a sign that you’re overdue for that well-deserved break.

5. Having a change of scenery

Working from the same place can become boring – especially if you’re working from home. Take your laptop to a coffee shop or library for a few hours or do a coworking day at a friend’s house. You have the luxury of working from any place with a stable internet connection, so go ahead and make use of it. Enjoy different spaces when things start feeling a bit too monotone. A change of scenery can be a real booster for your creativity.