Scratch The New Year's Resolution: Get On A Mat and Breathe.

We are all familiar with the scenario: the beginning of a new year brings the anticipation of planning out our goals. We call up our closest friends or family and share what those goals are – there’s always that one person who we feel we can truly trust and rely on for accountability. As midnight strikes, a refreshing glass of champagne is lifted in the air as a toast, and after the hangover sets in, more so from the emotion than the alcohol itself. We feel inspired for a few moments, before going back to bed. Even if you abstain from drinking, there is still that feeling of an emotional hangover.

The problem with New Year's resolutions is that they live in the future

You can’t think your way to something in a difference season of your life. It’s not possible to come up with an answer that will work in every situation and season of life. Instead, it’s necessary to create a plan or structure for living better. That plan may have to be adjusted as new information presents itself, or with hormonal changes or situational disruptions such as economic instability or changes in family life. A framework is not a resolution, as it doesn’t require being determined and set in stone. It’s a choice that can be altered as time passes and new perspectives become available. It’s way better than a resolution.

Resolutions are mind games, choose a better game to play.

Making resolutions and sticking to them can be a difficult task. It can often be overwhelming, but we have the power to change our perspective on every situation. Our minds can be trained to do the seemingly impossible, like sitting still and focusing on your breath, or spending a night meditating instead of going out to bars. We struggle with our expectations for the holidays, but what if we decided to Celebrate Christmas two weeks later, or forgo New Year’s Eve festivities? Maybe instead of setting goals for the New Year, we make goals for the New You every month and strive to keep them going for a lifetime.

It isn't what we do once a year that makes us healthy, but what we do every day that makes the biggest difference.

Doing a quick search on Google will bring up the usual requests to exercise more regularly, eat healthier, find more time for friends and family, and save more money. However, trying to do all these at once can end up feeling like too much. It takes about six weeks to form a new habit, so why not start small? Instead of taking on all four resolutions, why not try adding an apple to your breakfast or going for a walk with a friend? Not only will you be ticking off the first three resolutions, but you’ll also be saving money on gas. If you don’t have those options available, you can still take an apple with you when you go out and save on fuel that way.

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