Natural and Green beauty products? Could be Greenwashing!

More and more often we hear about “green products”, “cruelty-free” “sustainable
packaging” etc. But how can we recognize if a beauty brand is lying? First, we
need to fully understand the meaning of Greenwashing. Let’s get into it.

By Greenwashing we mean all the marketing activities that the brand set up to
show that its products are natural, eco-friendly, organic or environmentally
conscious — when in reality they aren’t any ofthose things. It is a sales tactic that
can be done through the products’ descriptions, the company name, or the use of
images or packaging design. Those activities would make consumers believe the
product is green.
However, these are companies with no real sustainability mission. They “just” add
labels and phrases to their products with non-factual proof to back it up. It’s
Of course, we are not saying that we can’t trust any brand. The trick is to get
If you’re looking to buy, but haven’t heard of a brand or don’t have time to search
up its credentials, there are a few ways you can know on the spot if a product is

1. Getto know the brand

Surf on the Internet, you will find their website where you will find out who they
are, how the company came about, what principles it is based on, how and where
they source their raw materials, what ingredients they use, etc.
If they are green, you will find all this information without any problems.
Also, do a search for individual products and read reviews from people who have
tried them before you.

2. Read the ingredients

The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) is our bible. Clean
products usually have a shorter list of ingredients, as a first indicator. After that,
you’ll want to look for ingredients ending in “paraben” or “sulfate” even if the
packaging says it has none. Four of the most common ingredients in these
categories are: Propyl paraben, Methylparaben, Ethyl paraben and Sodium
Laureth Sulfate. Keep these OFF your skin whenever possible.

3. Look for the certificates

The best indicators are seals of approval, but you need to know which ones to look
Trusted seals include Leaping Bunny, a company which independently
investigates a brand’s ingredients and suppliers to confirm they are cruelty-free.
Others include Cruelty Free Internationaland PETA cruelty free, and though all
these logos include a bunny, they all have their own standards required.


You might be thinking: “Uhm, so what do I do now?”
Don’t worry, Girl – Women World’s got your back. Here are some beauty brands
we know and love. By the way, some of these products might be available on our
online shop soon

1. For our Zero Waste enthusiasts:

Try Trestique, the brand made for the simplistic lady…and their product packaging
is on point. Refillable, Pretty and Portable.

2. Vegan and Cruelty-Free lovers,this one’s for you:

Trixie Cosmetics is not only fabulous and quirky – but also super pigmented and
kind to animals. #periodt

3. Let’s notforget our perfectionists:

If you are looking to check (almost) all the green boxes, give ACURE a shot. Their
product line boasts everything from Cruelty Free, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Palm Oil Free
as well as ethically sourcing. The only aspect they lack is thoughtful packaging –
but there’s always room to Exchange, Empower, Evolve…right?
– Simona Panella