The Essential Handbook Of Female Empowerment, the go-to guide every woman needs to know.

Empowerment is your action and the feeling behind it. Imagine the energy that radiates from you – your aura, your grin, the glint in your eyes. It is your ability to move with control and strength. Your subtle body language, confident as a leader, and the words that grab people’s attention. 

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you learn how to live as an empowered woman and, more importantly, how to maintain that strength


A system just like anything else in life.

For most women, empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially their ability to control their lives. This could be as complex as setting a mental health goal or changing diets or as simple as signing up for a fitness or art class. It’s deeply personal. 

Empowerment could also be what one grants you. It’s the authority granted such as the WW community and platform as a launching pad for women. A place where like minded women connect, share resources, and provide support to foster a camaraderie and means to social impact.

Side Note – 

As both an internal and external system, empowerment is a process that ever so changes with time. 


A framework for living your life completely.

Empowerment is a beacon of hope for many women around the world – a light that guides us to our highest potential. As a woman, with your own moral compass, you operate within parameters. You also broaden your perspective to welcome new information so you could adjust and shine your light brighter. 

When you tap into our ability to be empowered, you unlock our true power – the life force to make meaningful changes in your lives and the lives of others.

A method for setting boundaries.

When it comes to parameters, it is important to know where to set the boundaries. If they are too flexible, you can become excessively intertwined with others, which can lead to emotional caretaking, taking on too much responsibility, or forgetting your own needs. But, when they are too strict, you may build walls that keep others out and lead to isolation. Instead, healthy boundaries should be flexible and malleable – like a healthy cell – that can be opened or closed when needed.

Safety –  A key part of developing strong boundaries is understanding that no other person can give you the inner safety that you need; this is only possible during your childhood, but as adults you can still express sadness for what was lost and create inner safety. Getting to know yourself better is essential for meaningful relationships. As your consciousness expands, you can gain a clearer view of what you need, want and like. Taking some time for self-reflection and contemplation is a vital way to practice self-care and reinforce a strong sense of honesty.

Consent –  Your limits shape your decisions to accept or decline. Knowing when and how to refuse is a talent and a craft. Prior to setting a boundary, it’s critical to pause to address emotions such as anger and anxiety that may be present first, so you can interact from an authentic place. Whenever you can communicate a strong and honest “No” without resentment or pessimism, you are expressing a high sense of self-worth.

What empowerment is not.

You are not obligated to accept disrespect. As you expand your understanding of your own value, you are more likely to dismiss people, situations, and circumstances that do not reflect your worth and self-regard. No one is entitled to your presence and your time. If people want to be in your life, they must demonstrate courteousness and respect.

As you embrace your own value and determine new limits, those who may have taken it for granted that they were welcome in your life may fight back with protests or objections, hoping to make you feel culpable or obligated. Respect is non-negotiable, particularly when it comes to yourself. Step away from any conditions which may undermine your power and instead build relationships with people who assist you in achieving success.

A means to your rights.

As a woman, you are entitled to certain spiritual and personal rights, such as the right to engage in self-reflection and meditation. Empowerment involves recognizing these rights and exercising them. You can even create your own. Self-actualization and personal growth are human rights that belong to everyone.

Failure to identify and use these rights could prevent you from living an empowered life. This guide is intended to provide you with the tools necessary to live an empowered life and take inspiration from it. 

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Alice Hlidkova is a copywriter and blog curator at Women World.