Live Your Message, It’s Audacious.

To express love is a courageous act. Truth of heart is an act of bravery. Love illuminates truth, and truth enlightens us with knowledge. To be a woman, to be human, to be a leader, to be a child – all demand bravery from us. If it takes valor to fulfill these obligations why not live out our message with fearless tenacity?


Be a woman. 

Be a woman, do you hear me? When does a woman become a woman? A wise indigenous elder’s words still echoes in my mind, “Fly higher than the Kings of the Sky, My Dear.” Her eyes, like two wise and gentle beacons, peer into my soul as she shares this ancient proverb; that it is only when a woman surpasses the altitude of even the mightiest of birds, the eagle, that true strength is attained. But to reach this level of strength? To have the courage to speak aloud and stand up for one’s beliefs – even when all is at risk? This is bravery of a different sort. Are you able to accept it? Dare to take flight, soar high and free like an eagle and stand firm in who you are. Could you? Would you?


Become your voice.

Speak boldly. Stand proudly. Know your power. It’s your ultimate privilege. God gave you a voice to use as a megaphone, forming your words into a movement, and leading with your example. Be the role model your family and friends need, for the benefit of humanity. Privilege is the ability to fight against injustice on behalf of those who cannot. In her Commencement address at Harvard, J.K. Rowling discussed this topic. Like many of us in the western world, you are blessed to be able to do so, not having faced the atrocities of war, nor being forced to remain silent in the shadows. Please woman….speak up. It may not be a familiar face, and that’s okay. They may even be just a passing stranger, but that’s okay, too. Down the line they will remember you and recall how you helped push them from despair and out into the light of life. Because of your bravery and boldness, you will know on your deathbed that you saved a life—one that chose to live over taking their own life and to fight for freedom instead of lingering in darkness. You spoke up—and you made a difference. That matters.

Be true to who you are – own it.

Don’t be afraid to be your own light and reclaim your power! Why are we so quick to limit ourselves to labels and titles? Embrace the unique balance of logic and intuition that has been honed through your life. That superpower that other women understand? You have achieved a level of joy, restraint and conviction that many have not. Don’t let anyone shame you for the age you are, the way you speak, move or walk – there will always be someone who seeks to diminish your light. You can outwit any system, you can outwit the devil himself! Shine on with your strength, grace and power.


From death to purpose. 

Too often, women find themselves cowed into silence, caged in submission. This pathway leads to death – a slow, arduous road. It’s the ultimate masterpiece of destruction. We exist in a society that may not grant us equal rights; a patriarchy masquerading as democracy. Don’t be afraid to kindle your own inner light and reclaim your power! Why are we so ready to be defined by labels and titles? Harness the unique blend of logic and intuition that you have nurtured all your life – that inexplicable superpower, understood only by other women. You have reached a level of joy, restraint and fortitude that many cannot comprehend. Don’t be ashamed of how you speak, move or walk – there will always be someone who seeks to belittle you. Conquer any system with your intelligence, and outwit even the devil himself! Shine with strength, grace and might – because remember: women have always spearheaded revolutions – The Russian Revolution; World War I; The French Revolution; The Civil Rights Movement and more. 


Come forth as your bold and brilliant self, and stand with us in celebrating the inspiring women of Women World. You belong here, and we eagerly await your participation in all our upcoming events.To make sure we can meet your needs, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can understand exactly how we can serve you better. 


Alice Hlidkova is a copywriter and blog curator at Women World.