A Woman's well-being is like exploring an alpine nation

A Woman's well-being is like exploring an alpine nation; it is vast, deep, and ever-changing.

The map of a woman’s body is like a vast alpine region with its river channels, rocky crevices, and resonant caverns. Her rivers of emotions turn and twist just like her hormones, her blood pressure fluctuates with each new height, and her cycles bring her into the darkness of her cave, only to restore her once again. It’s a wonderful place to be well. But how can we all know our rigged and jagged regions when we don’t know how each one is connected? Here are insights to her alpine femininity.

Flow with menstrual cycles.

In ancient times, different civilizations viewed menstruation with reverence and respect. The Babylonians, Hindus, and Chinese ascribed seminal power to this sacred cycle and the Aztecs and Mayans considered women in their period to be of utmost importance in society. However, that sentiment has been lost over time, leaving women to cope with the landslide of emotions and physical discomfort caused by a natural part of life. Not to mention, women can suffer from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) for up to two weeks a month. Its symptoms can include mood changes, tenderness in the breasts, food cravings, exhaustion, irritability and depression that overlap with the regular period’s signs and symptoms – lasting for 3-7 days. As such, for half of their year, women may not be themselves. To ease these issues, many are turning to ancient practices such as yoga, acupuncture, or even leeches for relief. But oftentimes it’s not enough. In an effort to make peace with this powerful phase of womanhood, why not go with the flow? For these few days each month, take a break from intense physical activities or mentally taxing tasks like calculations. Instead sleep in, work from bed if possible, and keep in contact through text messages or emails instead of phone calls. Spark creativity out of discomfort and make strides forward on your own terms.


Get in bed with sleep disorders.

It is evident that menstruation cycles bring about changes in our sleep patterns. While some of these can be attributed to our periods, others are not. Insomnia, the most pervasive of them all, robs us of what should be a restful slumber. But it’s not alone; obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome wreak their own havoc on the body and mind. Narcolepsy, a disorder that blurs the boundary between conscious and unconscious states, is just as sinister. And of course, we cannot forget about the ever-frightful parasomnias lurking in the shadows. Sleep disturbances shouldn’t be taken lightly – they can have far reaching implications for our physical and mental wellbeing. To help alleviate sleepless nights, it is important to turn off all screens before bedtime, disconnect from the wifi (ouch! 5g). Taking walks before sleep aids while alcohol does not. For persistent issues, consulting with a doctor or engaging in alternative healthcare practices might be the solution for you.

Regulate your hormones.

Conversations about menstruation and sleep are often simpler than talking about hormonal health. However, at different points in a woman’s life, her hormones can fluctuate dramatically, impacting her wellbeing and mood. Even though you may do everything right to maintain hormonal balance – such as practicing good sleep hygiene and exercising regularly – things like proteins, carbohydrates, sudden weight changes and thyroid conditions can still affect hormone levels. For example, if the hormones are off, the menstrual cycle is affected; including the pituitary gland, which plays a role in promoting ovulation and stimulating the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone. An imbalance in hormones can even be manifested in your gut health, so it is important to take care of your digestive system.  Additionally, biological factors such as age (for example menopause) play a role too. Menopause itself is vast, with premature stages occurring in women as early as 45 due to various causes ranging from genetics (family history) to the environment (smoking, chemotherapy or pelvic radiation, surgery to remove ovaries,) and some health conditions.

Navigate changes in pressure.

As the temperature fluctuates, so does the pressure in your body. This often leads to headaches and bone pains that are difficult to ignore. As the altitude changes, it can result in alterations of menstrual flow intensity, as well as increased pain. But there are ways of dealing with it: If you pinch certain parts of your body, like the muscle between your thumb and pointer finger, you can alleviate some of the pressure, and for example, reduce the intensity of your headache. Alternatively, you can take magnesium or Vitamin C and D pills, but if you don’t have them on hand, simply taking a relaxing bath with magnesium salts can help ease the pain. Soothing relief is not far off once you learn these simple hacks.

Treat yourself to aromatherapy.

The heady aroma of essential oils can impact our health by evoking powerful emotions and memories. Lavender can transport you back to that joyous childhood meadow, while the scent of cinnamon can fill your mind with images of sweet Christmas treat. These smells not only have a profound effect on our emotions, they actually act on the brain’s pain pathways in much the same way as morphine. It’s no wonder these aromas can ignite inner journeys, helping us to remember or even let go of forgotten memories. Neurotrophin — a stimuli which strengthens neural connections at a cellular level — is involved in this amazing process, making it possible for certain smells to take us right back in time, like stepping into an old photograph.

Be with the Soul.

The Soul is not a mere reflection of the finite body it inhabits. It is an infinite ocean of light, waiting to be explored and navigated. Hidden within us are treasures that we haven’t even discovered yet – gifts that can only come from our unique life experiences. But don’t be afraid of the monsters lurking in the dark corners of your psyche. They represent the negative narratives that have kept you down for so long. With courage, determination, and joy, you can overcome their grasp on your soul by climbing those impossible peaks – one step at a time. And when you follow your Soul’s calling, nothing but pure joy and stability awaits you.

As you traverse the immense terrain of your own well-being, take this opportunity to discover each new journey with grace and understanding. Unveil the teachings from coaches Stela Peres and Magdalena Lopez in their informative sessions this week on aromatherapy, hormones, and other topics related to well-being. Sign up here. 


Alice Hlidkova is a copywriter and blog curator at Women World.