Unlocking the Potential of the Working Woman: Harnessing the Power of Economic Empowerment and Community

As more women join the workforce, economies thrive, communities bond, and growth is exponential. At Women World, we strive to bring together a powerful collective of women, many of whom work, give back to their communities and create a safe space for collaboration. Together, let’s unleash the potential of these hard-working SuperWomen and explore how our community can be an invaluable asset in this journey.

Finding yourself through work.

The beauty of work is that it can transform you. Women everywhere are turning to their jobs for more than just monetary stability, but also as a way to find themselves and carve out their own identities. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly accelerated the trend, with many women using platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Contra, Freelancer,  or Revolancer to start side businesses, gain new skills and become entrepreneurs in the gig economy. These platforms allow women to set their prices and hours, giving them the flexibility they need while hunting for more permanent or higher-paying roles. They learn new skills, technical and management. There’s no telling what kind of success you might uncover when you look beyond the regular nine-to-five job – you never know who you could become. 

Celebrate your value; and don’t apologize for it.

The gig economy is an exercise in understanding one’s own worth and learning to negotiate for it. Unlike a regular corporate job, where performance reviews are periodic or non-existent, the gig market rewards freelancers with feedback at the conclusion of every project. This provides women with the opportunity to course correct quickly and up their rates if they’re booked solid. When preparing to enter the business world, it’s important to write down all your skill sets, both interpersonal and technical. Setting an hourly rate or package price per project is key to entering the negotiation process successfully. The best way to get started is by taking on as many different jobs and clients from varying industries as possible; even something like researching on the internet can be packaged into a skill set that can be sold. For those already in corporate routines, it pays to ask for regular feedback and record it for future reference when negotiating for promotions or increased vacation days. During lulls between jobs, take free online classes or learn new skills through YouTube videos to keep money rolling in – without apologizing for it.

Shine your light and find where you belong.

Highlight the advantages of working with you. From the standard of your work and fast turn-around to your core values, make sure your client or employer is on the same page. Do not be afraid to exercise your limits – even if it may appear like an unbelievable offer. You want to set reasonable expectations and exceed them, rather than promise too much more than you can deliver. The simplest response when faced with a job which is not suitable for you is to say, “thank you for considering me, but this isn’t the right fit at present.” Then, take the time to find the “right fit.” 

Find your community.

As a working woman, it can be daunting to tap into resources- capital, promotions, networks, women-centric health services, affordable childcare, etc. That’s why it is vital for us to come together as a sisterhood and build a community. Share your expertise and knowledge; host training sessions or networking events! If you are on the move, look for a female roommate. Check out carpooling opportunities. Join workshops. Take up a retreat. A ride share. Need legal advice? A nanny? A cleaning lady? These women are here, ready to serve you with open arms. Don’t stay shy in asking for help or voicing out your struggles – we understand! With every request, there comes an offer of exchange – from sharing your time and skillsets to offering coffee dates and trips to the nail salon. Let us uplift each other and hold each other up because we can. We are SuperWomen. 

At Women World, we understand that as a woman of purpose and service, you have important work to do. That’s why our mission is to provide support and assistance to help you achieve your goals. We are here to serve you, however you need us.

Alice Hlidkova is a copywriter and blog curator at Women World.