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Energy Activation & Release Blockage

Mobilize stagnant energy & return to your essence

01.04.2023 SA 12:00 - 16:00

99.00 CHF



Max. Capacity: 50 Superwomen
Spoken languages: English & Spanish

With Susana Dakini – Spiritual Master  

Since birth, we have carried a certain energy, however, due to traumatic situations, it is blocked. Yet during this activation, we will unblock it so that your energy can flow freely and naturally throughout your body. By mobilizing that stagnant energy in your body you return to your essence, to connect with your authentic self, freeing you from all those conditioning, stagnant emotions and beliefs that we have required over the years.

It helps you to release fears, have more clarity, and be coherent between what you say and do, connection with your power, intuition, and confidence. 

Energy is wise and depending on the moment you are in, you will receive what you are ready to receive and what you need at this moment. This means each session is different, every day we are different. 

Read more about Susana Dakini here.


12:00 Arrival and Introduction

Block One: Breath Work

Block Two: Quantic Healing Touch

Block Three: Pericardium Liberation

Cacao Ceremony + Goodbye Juice and Tea

ca 16:00 End of the workshop

Dress Code: Bright and Comfortable Clothing

Price and Conditions


A different experience in Zurich: Re-inhabit your body through the energetic activation of Kundalini energy, breathwork, sound therapy and body armouring to make peace with your shadow and with the parts that were exiled from you and your love, blocking the pleasure and connection with the joy of life. During more than 15 years of experience I have been trained in different energetic, emotional and spiritual healing therapies, working with hundreds of people helping them to transform their lives.


IKIGAI translates as reason for being, while <Iki> means life and <Gai> means realization of your dreams.This raison d’être formulated my motivation to create this bodywork home.

IKIGAI Studio is built from selected sustainable materials assembling the source of harmonious balance as a studio, elemental for clients and instructors wellbeing.

Adress: Hornbachstrasse 23, 8008 Zürich


Our price of 99 CHF contains the professional knowledge of an accredited coach including multiple excperts of her practices. Unlimited drinks and a holistic cacao experience as well as provided materials like yoga mats, warm blankets as well. Early bird tickets are sold for 85 CHF only!

01.04.2023 SA 12:00 - 16:00

99.00 CHF