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“90 days to Financial Freedom”


03.06.2023 03/06/23 - end August (12 weeks)

1,999.00 CHF


Did you know that only 28% of women globally feel confident about investing?
We are here to change that! Our mission is to empower and inspire women, giving them tools to become independent and reach financial stability on their own.

Our course
“90 days to FinancialFreedom”
Always thought about investing but not sure how?
Our “90 days to Financial Freedom” course supports you to
> understand your finances
> discover the world of investing
> and learn how to reach financial success
All with the support of an incredible female community.
With virtual workshops, 1:1 check-ins and WhatsApp support, you will never feel alone in your financial journey again.

Are you ready for your financial freedom?

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The content of this 3 months-course is delivered through 4 bi-weekly Saturday afternoon workshops. Each lasting 4 hours and 1 follow-up session after 6 weeks. We intend to ensure that your learnings can be put into practice effectively before the end of the course.

-June/July/August including
5 x 4hours workshops, a 1:1 session, hot seat exchange calls
With official start date and first workshop
– 3.6.
-Workshop 17.6.
-workshop 1.7.
-workshop 15.7.
-last workshop 26.8.

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03.06.2023 03/06/23 - end August (12 weeks)

1,999.00 CHF

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